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  • Ear Pinning Children

    Posted on April 5th, 2010 admin No comments

    When it comes to plastic surgery and children, it’s almost always better to postpone the procedures to adulthood. However, ear pinning is one exception to this rule. Here’s why…

    Ear Pinning Children?
    There are actually three reasons why children are the best candidates for ear pinning. One involves psychological benefits, one involves financial benefits, and the third reason involves better surgical results.

    1. Self-Esteem
    If you are someone that grew up with overly prominent ears, then you surely already know about the pain and suffering… the taunting and teasing in school. When ear pinning is performed between the ages of 2 to 5, then by the time your child starts kindergarten, the problem has been fixed. They won’t have to grow up with the constant taunting of names like “Dumbo” and “bat ears.”

    On a personal note, I grew up with overly prominent ears. All that name calling over the years really took a toll on my self-esteem. If only my parents would have considered ear pinning surgery, I could have avoided it. When you think about it, a few thousand dollars for surgery is a very small price to pay to protect your child for a lifetime from being teased for having big ears.

    2. Insurance
    The other reason ear pinning children is a good idea (rather than postponing it) is because sometimes, insurance will pay for it if the ear pinning surgery is performed before the age of five. Why do they pay? Because the mental trauma for a child with big ears has been so well documented, even they agree it may be in the child’s best interest to pay for this cosmetic surgery procedure. After the age of five, however, I have not heard of insurance covering ear pinning. So by getting it done early, it can save you money.

    3. Results
    Your far more likely to achieve good, natural looking results if your child undergoes ear pinning at a younger age, rather than later on. In fact, as an adult, it’s hard to achieve good results with ear pinning.

    To understand why this is, you first must understand how the surgery works. Usually the doctor will take out a slice of cartilage behind the ear. This allows the ears to sit flatter. When this is done on an adult, the ears usually end up sitting abnormally flat… too flat! However when it’s done on young children, the ears are still growing… so they continue to grow but just closer to the head. The result? Ear pinning children tend to have much more natural results than ear pinning adults!

    What to look for in an otoplasty surgeon (ear pinning surgeon)
    The term otoplasty is the official terminology for ear pinning, so you will want a plastic surgeon that specializes in otoplasty. On a personal note, I always tell people to choose one that isn’t too aggressive. I would prefer too little correction over too much, because there’s no way to reverse this surgery when cartilage is permanently removed! So make sure you go with an otoplasty surgeon or facial plastic surgeon, rather than one that does body work too. After all, no one can “specialize” in doing every procedure.

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