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  • Ear Pinning Cost

    Posted on April 5th, 2010 admin No comments

    For those considering plastic surgery ear pinning, often times one of the first questions is what does it cost? Well as you can guess, prices can vary greatly depending on a number of different factors. So let’s talk about what factors determine ear pinning cost and what you can expect to pay on average.

    What type of ear pinning are you getting?
    Officially known as otoplasty, this is a surgical procedure which can accomplish a number of different things. Let’s take a look at each and how they will affect the cost:

    Traditional Ear Pinning: For the vast majority of patients, they simply want to reduce the projection of their ears (how far they stick out). Therefore, the actual shape of the ears is not changed, but the cartilage behind the ears is altered so they sit closer to the head. This is the most straightforward otoplasty procedure and therefore, usually the most affordable.

    Earlobe Modification: There are a number of things which can cause the earlobe to be deformed; piercings, trauma, congenital defects, and so forth. Whatever the cause may be, fortunately otoplasty surgery can usually improve the condition. Since altering a defective earlobe can be complicated, this typically runs more than the regular ear pinning cost.

    Changing Shape of Ear: The most complicated and often most costly form of otoplasty is when a patient desires to change the actual shape of the ear. Because the ear contains a number of ridges and bends in its shape, this can be a very complicated task. Therefore, it’s typically only reserved for those with a deformed ear, rather than simple over-projection.

    What are the ear pinning costs involved with this surgery?

    Surgeon Fee: This is the actual fee paid directly to the doctor for his surgical work. This is typically the largest portion of the total surgery costs.

    Operating Room: This refers to the costs associated with the use of the operating room, which may be at a hospital or at a licensed operative facility within the surgeon’s own office.

    Anesthesia: This refers to the costs for the anesthesiologist.

    The total ear pinning cost for the above typically runs anywhere from $2,800 to $6,000 in the United States. Please note that in addition to these costs, you will likely need to fill a couple prescriptions. Depending on your location, you may also need to get pre-op blood work and a medical clearance from your family doctor before ear pinning surgery.

    An Important Warning About Ear Pinning
    Don’t have an “all-in-one” plastic surgeon perform your ear pinning. This is especially true for adult otoplasty, because surgeons will often over correct the problem… instead of the ears sticking out too much, they will stick out too little. For this reason, it’s extremely important to only consider otoplasty surgeons whom specialize in the procedure. Also, be sure to look at plenty of ear pinning before and after photos during your consultation.

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